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There is a vast variety of video surveillance cameras available. They are differentiated based on their technology, resolution, shapes and capabilities.

While there are cameras that can be controlled with  a joystick, there are also cameras that can be can use infrared light to see at night, count the number of people that walk by and recognise number plates. These systems when connected to a conventional modem can be monitored remotely via your mobile.


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Analog video surveillance systems are the most cost effective and the most common.  This does not mean they are all equal.  Hawk Security Installations only uses trusted and quality manufacturers when quoting and installing these video systems.  Our cameras have a quality construction, ensuring that they last many years. In addition, our cameras will have the right lens size to achieve the desired field of view, and at Hawk Security Installations, we will always go the extra mile in designing and installing a system that meets the aesthetic needs of our customers.

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IP surveillance systems are the next generation in video surveillance.  These systems can be expanded to hundreds of cameras, can have accounting software installed on the individual cameras, and they record at high, multi-megapixel resolutions.  Manufacturers of these surveillance systems are always advancing and pursuing new software to improve the features and capabilties of these systems, and Hawk Security Installations is trained and experienced in the design and installation of these advanced surveillance systems.

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AHD systems is the alternate option between analog and IP systems. They are the best solution for upgrading existing analog systems as they use coaxial cable as well. They are currently one of the most widely used systems due to their low price and easy installation. 

When compared to traditional Analog or IP technologies, HD Analog offers significant and measurable advantages. In fact, HD Analog is commonly marketed as “the best of both worlds” – offering megapixel resolution images, but the simplicity and cost of Analog.




Burglaries and robberies represent some of the most common crimes in the urban environment. Fortunately, experience shows that alarm systems may significantly decrease the chances of such invasions by deterring intruders and thieves from entering your home or business.

Alarm systems emit a shrill noise in response to a present and immediate danger. Additional advantages of a loud alarm sound include its ability to alert neighbors and passersby, and potentially even frighten intruders from the scene. The sight of an alarm system alone may be enough to discourage would-be thieves. Highly effective and often easy to use, this electronic security solution is a popular way to provide peace of mind for homeowners and business operators.

All alarms use sensors connected to a control unit via hardwire or wireless link. Sensors commonly detect changes in the environment such as the opening of a window or inside motion. Types of alarm systems range from small, all-in-one noisemakers to sophisticated, multi-zoned systems with color-coded computer outputs. 

The most basic alarm systems feature elements including a control panel, keypad, siren, indoor motion detector, door and window contacts, and a central monitoring station, if the system is monitored. More sophisticated features that can be added include glass break detectors, panic buttons, pressure mats under carpeting, and alarm screens for windows. 


Alarm systems can also be controlled and monitored remotely via a mobile app.



Hawk Security Installations is a leading Perth security company specializing in installation and repair of intercom systems according to the customer's security needs. We provide customized intercom systems for residential buildings, commercial buildings, retail stores, offices and more. 


  • Wireless intercom systems

  • Audio intercoms

  • Audio / Video Intercom systems

  • IP Based Intercom systems

  • Room to room intercom systems

We will help you design and install an intercom system for your business or building with intercom entry solutions of the most trusted brands, including: Aiphone, Comelit, Viking, Siedle, Linear, Nutone, Mircom and Alpha.

intercom systems

Intercom systems can be installed for internal or external use, using existing phone lines or computer networks.


Audio intercom systems allow users to communicate with their voices from different rooms within a large structure, such as an apartment building or office complex. External audio intercom systems let residents or employees screen prospective visitors from the outside point of entry. Internal audio intercom systems permit communication between rooms at home, or enable public announcements and other quick conversations in the workplace.

Hawk Security Installations offers audio intercom systems in a variety of attractive styles, durable and sleek, for external and internal use. Some models include handsets, while others allow for convenient hands-free use.


Like audio intercom systems, video/audio intercoms may be installed outside or inside a home or place of business. In addition to clear sound, video/audio intercoms offer sharp images, made possible by an audio and video transmitter and receiver in a single cabinet. Unlike audio intercom systems, the advantage is that users can see potential visitors and other conversation partners, which creates more security and increased peace of mind.

Hawk Security Installations offers video/audio intercom systems with innovative features such as color imagery, video memory, and pan, tilt and zoom views.


Telephone entry systems connect directly to the resident phone lines in a building. Residents are called without making a call to the central office, which bypasses the expense of telephone charges. Phone entry intercom systems offer lower costs, convenience and privacy, as the dialed phone number remains unrevealed.


Whether you are looking for an intercom system for a multi-tenant building or for your business, you should consult with experts to design a system tailored exactly to your needs. We can help you to repair existing intercom systems, upgrade old intercom system with a new intercom system.



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